Why you should start focusing on Personal Branding?

Do you also look at Instagram influencers, coaches and wonder how did they get here with all the following and fame? 

Gone are the times when personal branding was limited to actors, musicians, and other artists. Fast-forward today, each one of us can build a personal brand. Even if you’re someone, who barely uses Instagram but you’re consuming content on Twitter – you gotta create a personal brand there. Everyone should have a personal brand, depicting their image in both the worlds – online as well as offline.

A person with 10K followers on LinkedIn, might not have 3K followers on Instagram or vice-versa. You’re the master, you have the control over which social media platform you want to leverage your public image.

Personal Branding has become a serious business in today’s era. We have different coaches, books, videos, online courses, podcasts available for building your personal brand from the scratch. Don’t miss this opportunity, where everyone is leveraging on the internet! 

All of us have a social image on the internet, even if we barely use social media. When you share a post, or you’re commenting on content you disclose aspects of your personality.

You might be wondering, what will I get by showcasing my public persona? Well, now it is more important than ever to start building and focus on your personal brand.

Are you a recruiter, freelancer, or someone looking for a job? Personal Branding is an extra-added advantage in each & every field. Traditional corporate jobs refer to your LinkedIn profiles, while present-day job recruiters usually lookout at your Twitter and Instagram handles, for a refined look about the person. 

  • A recruiter can reach out to you by looking at your personal brand, who might want you to work with them. 
  • A freelancer can get their clients, build an authentic network and audience from their personal brand. 
  • A fresher can receive a job offer if you put the right amount of skills, hard work, and consistency into building a personal brand. 

According to a Career Build Survey, 70% of the employers use social media to screen candidates for the recruitment process and 43% of employers keep a check on their current employees using social media. Recruiters usually check your LinkedIn profiles, during the hiring process. 

Freelancers are currently growing exponentially with India’s gig sector to grow $455 billion by 2024 at a compounded annual growth rate of 17 percent. The gig economy is getting bigger every day and this has resulted in people changing their jobs every 2-3 years.

The job-security is being challenged, with employees knowing the fact that they need to perform their work uniquely and differently to create stability in their careers.

Managing and maintaining your online recognition is a cherry on the cake and it provides a sense of security of not losing out on work.

It doesn’t matter if you need to clock in more clients for your company or you’re just exploring, take a step forward and start curating your digital presence.

The scope of opportunities and growth is tremendous, no matter which social media platform you’re targeting.

Just be honest, transparent, and consistent with your niche that you select and you’re good to go.

Do you want me to write a guide on how to build your personal brand? Tell me below.

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