my name isYugansh Chokra

I was born in New Delhi, India

By the time I turned 20, I was able to work with companies including Dell, Tinder, Godrej, ixigo, and mentored startups globally.

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I am a22Years Old Marketer!
the journey was started way too early

It was around 2:30 in the morning when my father called his best friend to tell him that they are blessed with a baby.

I had no clue about my life till May 2006.

That was the time when the first computer came into our home. It was a Wipro machine powered by Pentium 4 Intel Processor, 256MB RAM, a black color CRT monitor – I exactly remember the first wallpaper and the moment when I saw it for the first time. Thanks, Dad, that device changed my life.

Within a few months, in January 2007, we got an Internet connection. I don’t remember the plan’s speed but even 20kbps was a big deal back then. MTNL was a super power for me.

I had no clue about the business behind Google and MSN – for me, they were just another website.

“Website”, this term fascinated me and I always wanted to have my own website.

I opened Google and searched, “How to make a website for free?”.

Then I never turned back. I kept learning, HTML, CSS, then Javascript, then PHP, did some websites, and web apps.

Fast forward to 2013, I got a scholarship from Delhi Technological University (DTU, formerly known as DCE) to build a drone. I was the only teenager there.

I got through the Windows Development Associate Program, which was the first achievement of my life.

In January 2014, I had a thought to build my own business but had no clue about it. I started a company which I closed after a few months.

In August 2014, I was in 10th class, and in the same year, I started another company that failed again. But I was super happy. My parents had no clue what I was doing.

I started cold messaging on Facebook and joined a few startups, worked on building networks, started attending conferences, meetups and participated in the community – the experience is so much valuable.

In June 2016, right in the middle of when every student of my age was deciding what to do with their life when I was appearing in JEE, I started another company – ShopNani

We expanded, from a one-man army to a team of 30 people working across the globe. I kept my head down and focused on working.

I missed my first day at college, 5th August 2016, because I had to attend a conference.

College was a crazy journey for me. I traveled to 10 countries, worked with United Nations, Dell, Tinder, and many more. Had a chance to meet some great souls.

And here I am!

Graduated in the middle of a pandemic and I intentionally decided not to opt for a job.

I grew my business by 400% in less than 6 months.

If you’ve read so far, doesn’t matter who you are – I’d love to speak to you.
If I can be of any help to you, write to me at