I am an Entrepreneur | Growth Hacker | Hustler

What I do

I grind, daily!

I Coach.

I can hustle with you in order to find “YOU” only if you’re willing to put-in what it takes to be there. If you feel lost, I can help you.

I Speak.

I love speaking. Give me a call and if it fits my schedule, I’ll be there. I can talk about business, entrepreneurship, and growth hacking.

I Write.

Reading and writing is my second favourite thing to do. Connect with me on LinkedIn to find more of my articles and blogs.

Work with me?

I bet on experience. If you’re here for that, let’s do it! Keep your head down and keep working, this is my motto.

My e-Books & Courses

I have plans to write a few guides and e-books which I will be launching really soon. Connect with on Instagram to keep an eye, I will be updating there.

Ask me How to Grow?

I turn startups into profitable businesses, growth consult for brands and help them use the internet to increase profitability and their overall bottom lines.

I have worked with 20 startups globally and companies (or organizations) including Dell, Tinder, United Nations, Government of India.

If you aren’t growing on social media right now, you’re already losing.

My Story

I got access to computer when I was in 2nd grade. That Pentium 4 powered machines fascinated me a lot.

The first time I experienced internet was in 2007. From that day, I just wanted to build my own website but had no clue about it. 

I started learning how to build a website and coded my first one 2009. That feeling of building the first page still makes me happy. From that day to today, there’s no turning back.

“What my co-workers say about me!”

Critical thinking is a skill often overlooked in this day and age. Yugansh’s ability to think critically and challenge assumptions is his secret weapon. Yugansh is an incredibly creative person who constantly challenges the status quo. When you marry his creativity with his unwavering ambition, I believe Yugansh will be a leader in whatever field he chooses to pursue.

– Nathan Huggins

Yugansh is a natural leader with an uncanny ability to motivate and develop others.He is an enthusiastic guy with a great entrepreneurial mindset and lots of great ideas to work upon. The leadership abilities coupled with his unmatched analytical and critical thinking skills make Yugansh a great asset to any organization. If anyone has the opportunity to work with Yugansh, they should not pass up such an opportunity.

– Nikhil Jain

Yugansh is a creative and hustling entrepreneur with some amazing teamwork abilities. As a person, he is friendly, helpful and resourceful. He is a humble person who believes in helping people in genuine needs for good. I would recommend start-ups, students and even companies to have partnerships, mentorship or consulting respectively with him to get the best of the knowledge and skills advantage.

– Sushant Shekhar

Let me help you build a brand!